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The Bloomsbury Professional Tax Guide 2017/18

The latest TACS Partnership published work is the Bloomsbury Professional Tax Guide for 2017/18. This guide provides an overview of all major UK taxes in one convenient volume.

It is aimed primarily at the high street practitioner who does not have the breadth of expertise or expert knowledge at his/her own firm. Written in a highly practical and accessible style, this book helps the reader to identify and understand the key tax issues they are likely to encounter when dealing with UK taxation.

This comprehensive new title covers Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Corporation Tax and Inheritance Tax, as well as trusts and estates, VAT, National Insurance contributions and HMRC powers and penalties.
The Bloomsbury Professional Tax Guide 2017/18 is up to date to the Finance Act 2017 and includes reference to:-
- The latest HMRC penalty regime
- The updated tax position of non-domiciled individuals
- The tax rules on pension planning
- The impact of accounting treatments on tax charges
- The use of share-based planning for employees
- The current HMRC approach to tax investigations and tips on how to deal with them

This annual guide has a user-friendly structure and aims to make key information easy to find and assimilate. 'Signposts' at the beginning of each chapter provide a useful summary of the main points and cross-reference to the relevant commentary. 'Focus' points highlight important issues in each chapter. Contains worked examples throughout.

The guide can be purchased direct from Bloomsbury Professional or various other retailers.
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