Spring Budget 2024 – the pre-Election gamble

At what was likely to be the last fiscal event before the General Election, we expected a few surprises to be dropped in to woo the voters, although most of these were let out of the bag over the weekend in what seemed to be the most briefed budget ever known. But with so many […]

Spring Budget 2024 – tax cuts and rebalance

The tax giveaway… again? In what seemed somewhat like a moment of déjà vu, the Chancellor announced a further reduction to the rate of national insurance to add to that introduced at the Autumn Statement 2023. With effect from 6 April 2024, the main rate of Class 1 national insurance paid by employees and Class […]

Spring Budget 2024 – property tax has never been so popular!

A number of announcements were made in respect of property taxation, many of which were suggested as a way to influence taxpayers. Too much can be a bad thing So, the theory goes, if you increase tax rates then revenue increases, but there comes a point when the increase influences taxpayers and revenue begins to […]

Spring Budget 2024 – Non-dom no more

Given that the Chancellor has previously defended the rules around non-UK domiciled individuals (or ‘non-doms’) by raising concern over the mobility of such individuals and claiming that he “would rather wealthy foreigners spent their money in Britain”, the announcement today was somewhat out of character… although some may claim it as a pre-Election gimmick, preventing […]