tax advice

Simply put: when you get paid for providing a service, you have to pay tax. TACS can provide help, support and guidance on all matters related to employer and employee tax matters. From incentivising your teams, to termination settlements and everything in-between.

We can advise of the tax implications of various incentive plans, quantifying the tax charges that might apply and identifying opportunities to reduce the tax burden where possible.

Getting tax advantageous structures for employee incentives can encourage loyalty and engagement in your company. We can help your business find the most tax efficient way to reward your employees.

See more about what we can offer around share schemes here.

Rumour has it that you can get a tax-free settlement when you leave your job, but what sounds too good to be true, usually is. Tax free payments happen under a very narrow set of circumstances, but usually making a payment to a departing employee brings into play a complex set of tax rules which can easily catch you out. We can help identify what charges apply and what reliefs might be available if your business needs to downsize.

The current working world often throws up radically different arrangements from the long-term employee/employer relationships of the past. HMRC’s rules can catch you out, imposing employment style tax charges on what were intended to be non-employment agreements.

We can guide you through these still evolving issues so that your company can continue to utilise third party contractors confidently and effectively.

If it’s tax that’s foxing you, we’ll fix it for you.

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