Property taxes

Whether you own, buy or sell properties, there’s a minefield of tax responsibilities to navigate. We can help guide you through the tax implications to land and property, finding tax advantageous solutions wherever possible.

Anyone buying or acquiring an interest in land or property for any purpose in the UK will have SDLT (or equivalent) responsibilities to deal with.

We’ll help you identify first your SDLT position, and then what relief might be possible so that you can reduce this. We take the stress out of it, and make sure you’re never paying more than the correct amount of SDLT.

Buying and developing assets can be an expensive job – even more so if you miss out on the available tax reliefs. We take the time first to understand your plans and then to review your expenses with you, to claim the maximum relief available to you. Capital allowance matters can become complicated and challenging, the right thing to do isn’t always clear. We can cut through the noise and the jargon and get you the best result possible.
There is generally a tipping point regarding where it makes sense to incorporate a property business, but this needs to be balanced with potential pitfalls and tax liabilities. That’s where we come in. We’ll be straight with you. Sometimes this process can be done in a tax efficient way, and sometimes it can’t. We’ll get the full background first before we honestly determine whether the incorporation can be done in an efficient way.
If you’re a non-UK resident who holds an interest in UK property, we can help you through the maze of compliance to make sure you’ve always got your tax affairs in order. We’ll help to manage this compliance process for individuals and companies, to take the stress out of it and leave you safe in the knowledge that you’re getting it right.

If it’s tax that’s foxing you, we’ll fix it for you.

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