Share schemes

Share schemes can be used for many reasons. We help you navigate through the legislations and implications of schemes to find the most tax advantageous way of utilising them.

Rewarding your people is one of the best ways to encourage loyalty and engagement within a team and using an EMI is a great way to look after the long-term plans for your people. We can provide advice on how the scheme can be structured to provide an equity incentive that works in the most tax advantageous way for all parties. We know all the rules and we know all the traps, too. We can help you with valuation of shares and ultimately help you get the buy-in you need from your people.
If an EMI plan is not suitable for you or your business, we can advise on other available plans which might be appropriate. There are still lots of options for your business to provide equity incentives that align the motivations of your staff and your shareholders. We will craft our advice to your needs, not simply sell you something “off the shelf”. We want to make sure it works for you and your long-term business plans.
When it comes to share schemes, establishing the value of shares for tax purposes is a crucial part of identifying any potential tax issues. We will guide you through the way such valuations are put together and help in establishing values that can be defended if challenged. First things first, we make sure we understand what you need the valuation for. By understanding your position, we can guide you through what needs to be done, helping you get the best outcome possible.

If it’s tax that’s foxing you, we’ll fix it for you.

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