Spring Budget 2024 – the pre-Election gamble

At what was likely to be the last fiscal event before the General Election, we expected a few surprises to be dropped in to woo the voters, although most of these were let out of the bag over the weekend in what seemed to be the most briefed budget ever known. But with so many […]

Spring Budget 2024 – property tax has never been so popular!

A number of announcements were made in respect of property taxation, many of which were suggested as a way to influence taxpayers. Too much can be a bad thing So, the theory goes, if you increase tax rates then revenue increases, but there comes a point when the increase influences taxpayers and revenue begins to […]

Whose income is it anyway?

Married couples (and civil partners) often own assets such as investment properties in joint names. For income tax purposes, those individuals are generally treated as beneficially entitled to income from the investment property in equal shares. 50:50 or not? This ‘50:50’ rule applies while the couple are living together. There are various exceptions to the […]